Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica plant is an African herb which has a spicy and a sweet aroma. Its sweet aroma makes it an ideal choice in the beverage and food industry where it is widely used. Additionally, this plant has potent medicinal properties which are mainly attributed to its constituents which include sabinene, alpha pinene, copaene, cis ocimene, limonene, myrcene, humulene oxide, tridecanolide e.t.c. This essential oil is extracted from the whole herb, seeds and from its rhizome (root nodules) through the process if steam distillation.

Angelica essential oil has the following potent properties which contribute to its health benefits. These properties include a tonic substance, digestive, hepatic, diuretic, expectorant, antispasmodic, depurative, carminative, nervine and febrifuge. Below are the main health benefits associated with Angelica essential oil.


This oil has relaxing effects which are useful in driving out the gas produced in the intestines. This helps in making the abdominal, and the intestinal muscles relaxed. Relieving the gasses from the intestines is also helpful in relieving the troubles related to excessive gas. Some of these troubles include nausea, high blood pressure, stomach aches, cramps, indigestion, headaches, and flatulence.


Spasms are unpredictable and involuntary contractions which affect the respiratory muscles, tracts, blood vessels, nerves and other internal body organs leading to severe coughs. Angelica essential oil has relaxation effects which help in relieving spasms as well as giving relief to the painful symptoms associated with spasms, convulsions, cramps and obstruction of blood circulations. Spasms are associated with coughs, nervous afflictions, convulsions, diarrhea, and aches.


A depurative agent is used in purifying the blood. This oil is very effective in doing exactly that. Its diuretic properties help in promoting urination. Additionally, its diaphoretic effects help in promoting sweating. Both urination and sweating are crucial processes which help in speeding up the removal of toxins such as uric acid and excess water, fats, salts from the body. Otherwise,


These substances would accumulate in the body and results in some conditions or troubles such as gout, arthritis, renal calculi, and rheumatism if they are not eliminated. Besides, the process of removing toxins is helpful in lowering the blood pressure and reducing fats thereby protecting the heart.


This oil helps in protecting the liver as well as stimulating the secretion of bile. Furthermore, this essential oil plays a key role in protecting the liver from various types of infections as well as facilitating the healing process of any wounds which might be present in the liver.


This oil is very effective in stimulating the production or secretion of bile and digestive juices into the stomach. This is helpful in promoting the movement of food as well as absorption of food within the digestive system.